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Should I trade my Stryker?

Raider or Stryker?

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Hey guys so I road my friends raider yest and I went to the dealer to see how much would it cost me to trade my Stryker in and get a 2010 raider that they have left over...I'm very confused...the raider has power but the Stryker looks SEXY!!

I know I have my own opinion but I would like to hear some of yours...
Is it worth the money?

Thank you guys!!
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there are lots of threads here asking this very same question......bottom line is that it seems
everyone loves their bike here. I happen to be a Raider owner and I absolutely love my bike
as well as the stryker owners here. I think the raider is a very cool and bad @ss bike. Stryker's
looks were based off the Raider......I think yamaha built the Stryker because people were
intimidated by the THOUGHT of a 1900cc engine. I ma 5' 6" with short legs and I love the handling,
power and style of this bike without a doubt......only thing that could get me off this beast is
a vmax
I got mine where I feel like Im low riding........its lowered, forks extended, and tank raised.....feels real good.
I agree king....it is extremely obvious that everyone here loves their bike and this question has been asked too many times on this forum. The forum is still very young and will grow and has grown extremely fast. I am thinking, and have said it many many times. I don't think you can wrong either way!!! People buy strykers for their personal reasons and people buy raiders for their personal reasons as well.........IT IS ALSO OBVIOUS THAT YAMAHA IS ON TO SOMETHING WITH THIS DESIGN.
Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......eh hemmmm

Uh yes!! Very well stated Toby
MY said:
immortal13 said:
Toby said:
I envy my penis just fine and my wife even more. And my balls are way to big for the situations at hand sometimes,lol. But wife and I love our bikes and all bikes for that mater and it has nothing to do with penises especially in deja's case.lol.
If any of us had small penis syndrome we would have bought a Harley. ::)
Really man, I'm not sure penis envy means what some on here thinks it does. If I had penis envy, I would've bought the Raider INSTEAD of the Styker.

I'm sure the Raider could win a tug of war with a Styker, but in all the other categories it's the Stryker hands down.
Well you got it. The old adage " People with small penis's compensate by buying bigger bikes, bigger, faster cars. etc. ;)
yep!! exactly why I bought mine!! lol
Rodekill has a stryker Roadkill has a raider
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