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Should I trade my Stryker?

Raider or Stryker?

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Hey guys so I road my friends raider yest and I went to the dealer to see how much would it cost me to trade my Stryker in and get a 2010 raider that they have left over...I'm very confused...the raider has power but the Stryker looks SEXY!!

I know I have my own opinion but I would like to hear some of yours...
Is it worth the money?

Thank you guys!!
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At some point it becomes a numbers game... I have more than you have kinda thing... It's all about what feel comfortable to YOU... I rode a Raider the other day... to me, it feels heavy and sluggish to respond to manuever... has a nice feel when you roll on the throttle though... I had my wife on the back of my STRYKER and was neck and neck with the raider at 95mph... We both had plenty of gas left... for real though... max speed limit is 70mph on most hwy's... 85mph would most likely get me a huge ticket and my bike impounded....
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