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Should I trade my Stryker?

Raider or Stryker?

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Hey guys so I road my friends raider yest and I went to the dealer to see how much would it cost me to trade my Stryker in and get a 2010 raider that they have left over...I'm very confused...the raider has power but the Stryker looks SEXY!!

I know I have my own opinion but I would like to hear some of yours...
Is it worth the money?

Thank you guys!!
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you have to ask yourself whats more important to you, styling or performance?
mavros1413 said:
Thanks guys!!! I agree tho about th numbers!! I put a lot of work in this bike and I feel like I would regret selling it also!!
Isnt your avaitar a pic of your bike on a dyno? That'd be a waste if so. Have someone pick up the Raider for a test drive and you can race. Once you see there is little difference it will put your concerns to rest.
What's up with all the talk about balls and penis envy? ;D
1 - 3 of 66 Posts
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