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RE: Bike nights

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RE: Bike nights

Hi everyone!!! I am currently setting up a bike night at Extreme Sports in Clermont, FL. This is open to all types of bikes, and will be every Saturday night from 8pm to 2-3am starting on Dec 15th. There will be food, beer, games, including pool tables, ping pong tables, cards (playing for fun), etc. If any of you are nearby and would like to come down and see us, that would be great!! This will be held indoors in our 7,000 sq ft building, and Bike Night Pam will be hosting our music!! If you can, hope to see you there!!! ;D And yes, this is my bike!!! :)


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DeputyStryker said:
Yea that sounds fun except I live in another state. In hopefully two weeks I'll have my bike the shop for chrome work and a synergy green paint job. I just got to decide on Memphis shade fairing or no fairing.

Sounds cool!!! Are you going to have the painters do a clear green candy coat over any parts of the chrome?? :). And you have to post some pics when it is done!!! ;)
When you candy coat the chrome, it is a tinted clear coat. So you would still see the chrome underneath, it will just look like a green colored chrome, lol. And it may be best on the rims and maybe lower forks. I am trying to get some ones put up from my Ipad.... hopefully soon!! ;)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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