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Re: PCS Lowering Connectors

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Re: PCS Lowering Connectors

The PCS directions were mediocre but installing these was not that bad. Here are some tips, and I
will plug in the photos of progress later.

1) I removed the upper and lower belt guards to make life easier. Two things, the upper and lower bolts on the rear of the guards do not need to be removed since they are only attached to a backing plate, and it’s easier to remove the lower guard by turning it upside down in place,,,just make sure you don’t lose the little bushings.

I found it helpful when aligning the lift under the frame to put blocks under the kickstand to stand the bike upright.

2) I used a long box end wrench on the right side of the dog bones wedged against ground or swing arm and a ratcheting box end on the left. Once the left bolt broke free it was easy.

3)I found that placing different sized boards under the rear tire and working the lift height made removing the dog bones and bolts a snap. The bushing on both can move quite a bit and is necessary to clear the frame on the lower bolt ,and the coolant reservoir on the top bolt.

4) Putting the new connectors on is the reverse operation. PLEASE note – the end of the connectors with the round hole goes on the top. This had me scratching my head for a minute since it is not mentioned at all in the instructions. Both connectors need to face the same way and the longer detent faces the front of the bike. I found it easier to put the bolt in at the bottom first and then do the top.

5) I put loctite on the threads and finger tightened the nuts(don’t forget the washers). I ratcheted down the nuts enough to allow just a little play in the connectors. Lowering the jack a bit seated the connector and I then tightened it completely.

6) Put the belt guards back on and set the bike back down on the ground.

The 1 inch drop is not that noticeable in the picture, but I can now plant both feet firmly on the ground wearing flat shoes and I have an inseam of 30 inches. One person can do the job, but 2 would make it much easier. Any questions….just let me know.

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Re: PCS Lowering Connectors

Very interesting stuff here..... & drama too.... lol... but i trust what allot of you say, suggest,& do on this forum for those who posts and mods like **** like (deja, 11, ace, schim) just to name a few... if someone says something negative about a product then i look at it in different points of views.... if its a heresay thing where its a "i know a guy type deal" rather it happening to them personally then i tend to look over that and also if 99% of peeps buy a certain product and only 1% disagrees, then im all in! i figure some peeps are just grumpy and got nothing better to do as from what i posted before about an HD guy getting pissed cuz i mistaken his ride for the HONDA FURY LMAO!! But no worries PCS i got your back!.... Question though...... will these links work with a 250 tire installed?
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