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Rear Shock Adjustment

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For those of you who have not figured out how to adjust the rear shock yet, here's how I did it and it's very easy.
Remove the upper belt guard and you have a clear shot to the adjustment holes. Using your adjustment tool (the dealer gave you one with the bike, didn't he?) insert it into the holes with the handle extension in place. I used a wood chisel inserted in the extension handle for additional leverage. Push away from you to soften the shock and pull toward you to stiffen the shock. If you want to stiffen it, it may help to jack up the rear wheel to take some of the load off it. The dealer where I bought it couldn't figure out how to do it. He said to bring it back when I needed a new rear tire and they could adjust it for me then. I guess they were just not familiar with the Stryker. Livin' & Learnin'.
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You are working from the side the belt is on. That would be the left side of the bike as you sit on it. I weigh about 170 lbs. and have probably one intact vertebrae left so I softened it up 2 notches. I may go one more but the adjustment seems to help. The downside is if I meet up with a plump chick who needs a ride the suspension may be a little mushy. GRIN
Sad, but true. Most of the parts people I have run into now days can't think for themselves either. Case in point, I went to the Harley dealer some years ago to buy a replacement windshield for my bike. Yeah, it's an older model but the bikes haven't changed much and I thought I could find a relacement there. The parts guy asked me the model bike and tried to look it up on his computer. Of course, they didn't stock it and couldn't get a windshield for that model so I told him that the bike was outside and we could measure it to see if there was one that would fit. He wasn't even willing to come take a look at it because he said if it wasn't in his computer with a specific part number he couldn't help me. Sorry Bud, move on down the line. You're wasting my time. That's the attitude I often get.
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