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Rear Shock Adjustment

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For those of you who have not figured out how to adjust the rear shock yet, here's how I did it and it's very easy.
Remove the upper belt guard and you have a clear shot to the adjustment holes. Using your adjustment tool (the dealer gave you one with the bike, didn't he?) insert it into the holes with the handle extension in place. I used a wood chisel inserted in the extension handle for additional leverage. Push away from you to soften the shock and pull toward you to stiffen the shock. If you want to stiffen it, it may help to jack up the rear wheel to take some of the load off it. The dealer where I bought it couldn't figure out how to do it. He said to bring it back when I needed a new rear tire and they could adjust it for me then. I guess they were just not familiar with the Stryker. Livin' & Learnin'.
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immortal13 said:
2nd trip to the bike mechanic (shop I just discovered only 6 blocks from my house), and the guy still can't get the shock adjusted.

I bought a spanner wrench at the yami dealership (progressive brand), and he couldn't seem to get the wrench to lock on the "dial" on top of the spring. He said he needs me to come back to take the wheel off so he can get to it. Is this necessary?

I have a motorcycle jack and I just jack it the bike off the ground and turn it with my hand. But I do have the low and mean spring so when weight is off the bike its loose. But no, you do not need to take the wheel off. That's just bad mechanic'en.
BTW the Dealer should have given you a tool bag when you bought the bike to accomplish this easily on your own.
immortal13 said:
11Stryker said:
Yes and reading owner's manual will help also!
What's that supposed to mean?

Btw, the bike was on a motorcycle jack. He tried with a big pair of channel-lock pliers and claimed it wouldn't move. Guess I'll try the hammer and screwdriver technique. I'll have to go back by the shop because I don't have a motorcycle jack.
Not to speak for 11 but the manual explains the process pretty well.


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immortal13 said:
Lol 11....maybe that's what we need to do.

Really, I'm frustrated because it seems simple but this **** bike mechanic can't even do it....wtf?????
We get ya man, we just want to help. tough luck with the wrist that sucks. I'm a mechanic so I forget sometimes this stuff does not come naturally for some. Anyway giver **** with the screw driver. Also you can carefully take just the weight off with a regular car jack and try it that way. "carefully"
11Stryker said:
Hey Immortal, Good idea having friend hold bike for you. just put screwdriver against side of a hole that you want to move sleeve toward. Should be relatively easy with weight off rear wheel. Try to keep jack back far enough so that you only raise rear wheel off ground.
And use a piece of thin wood or rubber on the jack as well so you don't scratch the bottom of the frame.
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