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Hello ladies n gents, I've got a few questions that I couldn't sus out specifics from the threads I've searched through so far, so I thought I'd get a general consensus from a single thread.
When I bought my stryker, it had already been altered a bit ('14, V&H staggered, PC5, and a few cosmetic upgrades), I don't know the exact tune on the PC5 yet and I'm about to order a 240 Metzler tire (since almost everyone else is out of stock on 240s for some reason, and I've had good experience with them in the past), and I really want to get the cobra powerflo intake as well...
My questions are,
1) if I install the intake, do I need to immediately get a tune on the PC5 done, will it run lean (detonation ?) If I don't? The nearest shop to me that can do sessions on a dyno is over an hours ride away..
2) will the tire size affect the tune?
3) I love the look of the matte black cobra, is there a better one I should look at in the relative same price range?
4) am I missing anything that I should look into with this recipe so far? (Plugs, injectors, relevant mods,etc)
Thanks for your time and experience.

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If your going from stock intake to a cobra poweflo, you will be introducing more air into the mix. You should need to adjust the PC5, but your not going to blow your motor up if you wait a week or so IMO.
You can skip a dyno shop and buy a few sets of plugs. Make a couple adjustment with PC5 and check what the plugs look like. Redish is very lean, blackish is very rich, your looking for a cardboard brown or even a darker brown is ok. If the O2 sensor is removed or disconnected then the ECU will not adjust fuel but even that is very minimal and big mods that help the motor breathe in and out ie aftermarket exhaustion and intake are more than the system can adjust for. There are some on here who put aftermarket exhaust and intake and ran it with no fuel programmer and said they had no issues. I would never do that but to each his own.
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