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Recommendations for a 50cc dirt bike please

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I'm looking to buy my three year old a 50cc dirt bike for Xmas. I'm eyeing the yamaha pw50 bc it is one gear and has a governor.

Any other recommendations?
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With training wheels I will be able to govern it down to 5 mph if I want. I have two acres of grassy flat land for my backyard. He's fallen off his bicycle going faster than that in our driveway. Plus he will be wearing a helmet, gloves, and riding boots EVERY time he gets on it.
Took my son to the dealership to size a helmet for him. He saw the ttr and ran straight to it. Guess I picked the right one. When we got home he ran to the garage and asked, "Where my motorcycle?". He was pissed when he realized I didn't buy it. Can't wait to see his face xmas morning.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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