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Reduce of Miles per tank after pipe holes

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I don't know if it's my imagination, but i think that after i opened 4 holes in each pipe to get better sound my bike start to expend more gas.
I'm doing aroung 28 - 30 miles per galon.

do this happend to anybody? maybe is the way it sound now that i'm riding more than before hahaha.
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Bozzly said:
Ronin said:
I average around 45 with cobra swepts. Definitely take a closer look at the bike.
Must be the way individuals ride but i do know that before adding pipes, intake and processor I was getting about 42 miles to a gallon and since I am now getting about 36 miles to a gallon. I definately roll on the throttle much harder with each passing day of riding though.
Exactly that. Same mods, averaging about 35ish mpg. And I very rarely hit the throttle for fun.
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