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Relocated my tag & added LED lights (lots of pics)

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I relocated my rear tag today & took a few pics for your viewing pleasure.


Relocated tag with LED lighting

Relocated tag side view

Stock assembly

Getting ready to cut, no backing out now. Note that I removed the back metal plate while trimming the plastic

Reflector base needs to be removed.

All the cuts completed except for the 2 tabs at the bottom. I trimmed them back about 1/4" because they were pushing on the bottom/backside of the plate. Reinstalled metal back plate then used a 19/64 drill bit for the mounting holes.

Trimmed down the factory tag bracket. *Update* If your state requires side reflectors you may what to skip this step.

Cut down factory bracket install.

LED to factory wiring. After soldering/heat shrinking the wires I recovered the wiring with the factory loom.

Finished assembly

I added a grommet for the LED wiring to pass thru.

Had to notch the tag so the LED wiring would clear. I added a grommet to the notch in the tag.

The LEDs light the plate just right for my taste & keeps it legal. Cost less than $30.
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Nice....this is where i want mine.....right now I've only removed the back reflector base, and moved the factory plate mount into that position and installed new plate with LEDs.

I need to remove the plastic material under the plate, and cut the reflector base housing so the plate sits neatly under the rear light.

Have not made any cuts, since I've been trying to figure out where to make the cut, and what to use to make the cut.

I see you used tape to mark the cut locations, but what did you use to make the cut, so it comes out clean....
It looks good, but if you want to 'keep it legal' you need to re-attach the red reflectors on the sides.

This probably varies from state to state

Yes, it does, although most states conform with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Chapter 301, Part 571.108, Standard No. 108.) to insure getting Federal highway funds.


Table III (page 302) and Table IV (page 303)

"Reflex reflectors 3 red; 2 amber SAE standard J594f, January 1977"
Thats a lot reading to go thru on a weekend.....

Does anyone know if we need the back side reflectors in California to be legal.....rather not have to read a book to find out.....

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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