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Relocated my tag & added LED lights (lots of pics)

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I relocated my rear tag today & took a few pics for your viewing pleasure.


Relocated tag with LED lighting

Relocated tag side view

Stock assembly

Getting ready to cut, no backing out now. Note that I removed the back metal plate while trimming the plastic

Reflector base needs to be removed.

All the cuts completed except for the 2 tabs at the bottom. I trimmed them back about 1/4" because they were pushing on the bottom/backside of the plate. Reinstalled metal back plate then used a 19/64 drill bit for the mounting holes.

Trimmed down the factory tag bracket. *Update* If your state requires side reflectors you may what to skip this step.

Cut down factory bracket install.

LED to factory wiring. After soldering/heat shrinking the wires I recovered the wiring with the factory loom.

Finished assembly

I added a grommet for the LED wiring to pass thru.

Had to notch the tag so the LED wiring would clear. I added a grommet to the notch in the tag.

The LEDs light the plate just right for my taste & keeps it legal. Cost less than $30.
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Really nice work. Best looking rear end clean up I've seen.
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