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removal of catalytic converter on my stryker

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iam just wondering if i can remove the catalytic converter from the exhuast system without messing anything up to bad. I was hopeing to do this mod some time this weekend if anyone could help me with an answer that would be great, and if not then ill just try it and see what happends and lett you all know. Thanks for all your help
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thanks guys for all the info it helped alot i went out and removed the baffels and went on a little ride to test it out sounds awsome just as good if not better than my brothers HD fatboy and i can walk all over him anytime he just keeps sayn that his must not be runing wright or it to hot for his to run at its best i call BS on that but hey its my bro so i have to give him a little pat on the back and say its ok that you little brother can kick you but at somthing
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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