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removal of stock baffles?

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I saw it on YouTube guy was pretty right lipped about how he did . Anyone try?
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safetydanny said:
SmokenJOE said:
keep in mind that back pressure affects performance so if you remove all the baffles you're gonna lose performance
Very true and yes you do loose performance once its done but I am very happy with the way my bike performs and I am almost always two up and I do not have problems keeping up with my buddy on his Raider while he is riding single. His bike is stock and I am right there with him! He also has his baffles completely removed if that makes any difference on this topic! Good luck and keep us posted!
I wonder if 'back pressure' is just for the Stryker ... I have removed my baffles and my two other Raider friends think my Raider has a step on them.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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