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I just wanted to clue everyone here in on one my best kept
secrets.....I have replaced alot of my stock bolts with higher
grade stainless and chrome bolts.It has been a slow and timely
process but I dont have to worry about rusted bolts and have
a more finished look to the bike. I have found all sorts of chrome
caps for bolts, and any type imaginable at this store. When you
go.....please take your time and look very very close....you will
find what you are looking for..........ACE Hardware is my favorite
place to find this type of item. I have replace tank dash bolts,
fender strut bolts, tank mounting bolts, raised the tank with items
from here.....many many bolt caps

Go and have fun ;D

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Thanks Again Deja!! We have learned so much from you Raider owners!! You, RSR, Ace, & AresX have really done a great job getting this Stryker Site going and I hope I may speak for everyone else that we really appreciate all your knowledge. Thanks Again for Sharing!!! 8)

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dejablu110 said:
no problem, I have seen that Ace has a much better selection
of these items than Home Depot....I know, it makes no sense
but it is true
Same here out west! Ace has the best selection for chrome goodies, I am not sure about black anodized fasteners.
Natedog said:
Thanks Deja. I'm planning on doing the same but with anodized black bolts. What about home depot? We have a place here called Ottawa Fasteners. They have tons of bolts etc. But 80% of their stock is SAE. :(
That is strange about the SAE in a metric country. :-\


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Hey Guys,

I've been working with a real nice guy named Steve at workingclasschoppers.com. He is developing a set of replacement chrome spike bolts for most of the bolts on the bike, as well as front and rear axle spikes. I have a set of front fork spikes on the way. I'll post pics when I get them on. Contact him and he will get you pricing. Doc
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