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Ride-On Tire Sealant and balancer

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Not really a mod..but had to put this somewhere.

I just wanted to pass along my experience with what I feel is a great product. After I had chromed my wheels and changed tires I hadn't been happy with the bike at higher speeds..anything over 70 just didn't feel right, had done a number of checks and just put it to the back burner as most of my riding isn't higher speeds.

Took the bike to the Leesburg bike fest down here..about 90 miles one way..so I took the innerstate and again just wasn't happy with the bike. So started thinking about balance...todays tires are pretty close without needing much but I think the chrome has things off a bit and after looking closely I found a weight out of place on the rear...it had moved.

So started doing some research and found what I was looking for, now today after installing the product and taking off all weights front and rear I took her out for the recomended run and was so pleased with things I just kept riding. I'm really impressed at how good this works.

For me I guess color me sold on it, sure its not cheap...but then a nail in a tire in the middle of nowhere isn't cheap either.

I kind of feel stupid for not thinking about this earlier, but to be honest I was sure the tire's were in balance so I always accepted the bike as it had been...old dog new tricks I suppose.
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skwerlee said:
I too have looked into this stuff. A local dealership has several bottles of this stuff in stock and they offered it to me for 50% off since it hasn’t been moving. I’m leaning more towards this than the Dynabeads. The dealer mechanic told me that when they break an old tired down off the rim that’s been running Dynabeads that along with the beads going everywhere also a bunch of rubber falls out of the tire too. He said it eats the inside of the tire up over time.
I do some work with a local shop owner and have heard the same. He showed me a picture of a tire they took off after using the Ride-on product and it was all just on the tire..no huge mess like some folks have seen with other products. I'm just impressed with it. If you can buy it half off that's a steal.
Cast wheels vrs a billet is a matter of who's wheels they are...like most things, not all are created equal.

I've now had the bike in the upper speed bracket and have to say I'm really happy...and yes you want to remove the wheel weights..one there ugly and two there ugly...really does not matter....the stuff stays in a semi liguid state so it will always adjust.

Yes I did 16 in the rear 240 and 8 in the front. the extra ounce isn't really a problem. Company said its a +-25 measurment.
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