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Riding in the Rain...

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So winter is almost out of here, ( I've been riding the season to work and back) and now comes the rain. For the past few days, I have ridden in the rain on my Stryker, and can only say this - This bike handles better on wet roads than any bike I have ever owned. I feel in complete control and have no problems with breaking, acceleration, or turning at intersections ( over painted stripes.)

Love this **** bike.
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Rode 200+ mile round trip the other day and the entire return trip was in the rain. The bikes handled well as usual but we are used to worse conditions, ice, snow and mud. However both of us have balding tires so the mountain roads were a bit squerly. We have new tires but waiting for dry weather to go get them mounted. Got a Michelin Commander II for my wife's bike and I had to settle for a Dunlop E3 for now because there is no Commander II 240 in stock yet. Nor does Metzler plan on making their new ME Marathon 888 Ultra in a low profile tire yet. :frown: I'm told that Avon tires do not do well up here or I would have given them a try. Wore my Metz out in less than 5k miles
So, the Metzler was supposed to wear better / longer than the Avon? Where does the Dunlop fit in there?:frusty:
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