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Road trip to New York! Places to ride and see?

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I intend to do a nice road trip on my stryker this summer. I will leave Newfoundland and head down through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine and New York. Now I wanna do a mix of camping and hotel. I have a pretty good idea of where I wanna go in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick since it wont be my first time around there. The part that makes me wondering where to stop is in the Maine and New york states. I definitly wanna stop in Boston and New York city soooo...

1st : Where in Maine I should go or not miss? Activities, Place of interest, nice twisty road or tips about safety!
2nd : Pretty much the same as #1 except for the states of New York!
3rd : Lots of people who actually traveled to New York city tells me to avoid getting into the city with my bike! They say its best to use the subway and bus system or just walk around. With this in mind.... Where should I let my bike or Where should I stay in New york? Perhaps a nice hotel at the entrance of the city with a safe parking for my stryker?

I'd like all your inputs on this has I know a lot of Forum Member are from the U.S. I know, I know... It's a vast country and it's not because you come from the U.S that you know all about it! But I think It's a wise bet to throw those questions here since It's a great forum with people with good taste in bike. ;)
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Roger said:
Well for NYC you can do a couple options 1 their are parking lots and garages that you could use then just use mass transit when i go i like to walk its the best way unless you are pushed for time. Their are motorcycle dealers in the city so you might find a parking spot in front of them. If you want to avoid large crowds get there during the week on weekends its more busy. If you want to see ground zero make a reservation 2 days before.
2. You could find a motel in weehawkin, NJ and take the ferry across to manhattan then just walk or take mass transit their are bus's when you get off the ferry that go any direction you want in manhattan they are free just part of the ferry service. you want look for Port imperial in weehawkin thats the ferry service so find a place to stay close to their. If you are looking for a place to eat i suggest anywhere on mulberry street in little italy.
Keep your eyes open cause you are going to see some real weird stuff.
I'll keep my eyes open! lol Thanks for the info!
That's exactly that kind of info I like to have about the city, ferry, tips!

Very good :)
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