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Roger's 2010 canam spyder pictures

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I know some of you have been wanting to see these pictures so i am going to try and do a link to photo bucket hope it works.
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YES it works there are 2 pages. And before anybody asks yes the squirrel is real he was in the back of the dealership and he let me pick him up so i put him on the bike and let him watch me as i work. He then got taken to the animal shelter where they know how to take care of him.
Bozzly said:
Thanks for sharing. How do you like it?
I like it a lot you see i was in a car crash 3 years ago and i never thought i would be able to ride a 2 wheeler again so i bought the spyder and added a lot too it that you don't see in the pictures like Givi hard case bages, lights all over. It was perfect but after some therapy i realized maybe i could handle a 2 wheeler and thats when i got my raven. I have several trophy's for my spyder from bike shows my local paper has a feature in it where you can send them a picture of you ride and at the end of the month they vote for ride of the month and i won that, A lot of times with my bikes i have more fun modding than i do with riding them. Maybe it took all this time to figure out where my true calling should be? I guess i kind of side track your question once i got the bike to be comfy i really love this bike because you can relax a little more when you ride it compared to a 2 wheeler, If you ever get a chance test ride one but leave the check book home.
kingofleon said:
Man, I want one of those. Tell me everything. Is it faster than the stryker. Hows the handling? I have always been a function over form typr of guy and those things have function written all over them. 8)
Yes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds i can take a turn on it faster than a sport bike. i will beat a sport bike off the line any day but eventually he pass me if he has the balls there are some great after market items that help it preform better than it already does it rides most like a quad i have been told. it has power steering, the brake pedal operates all three wheels at the same time. My bike came in second place at americade. i have road from NY to myrtle beach 750 miles one way and back no problems at all if anyone wants to know more just ask or go to www.spyderlovers.com great group of people in there.
Bozzly said:
Thanks Roger, Glad you are able to ride two wheels again. I am thinking about getting one of these for my wife. I know she would aboslutely love it.
I know she will by the way some people are not aware that there are semi automatic and their are ones with a clutch the semi you shift with your thumb up or down very easy or it will down shift for you when you apply the brakes. also don't worry about it tipping over can't happen there are sensors that protect you. you have to be doing something really stupid to have that happen.
toby said:
Ya that looks nice. My wife says she don't like them but after seeing this one and the Harley Davidson version of the Spyder she is changing her mind. One reason is because the Harley version actually leans like a bike into corners. I was wondering if the Spyder does the same? And What Kind And size motor in it? Cause Harley lost me cause they f..ked up and went and put a Harley motor in theirs. lol.
No it does not lean. It has a 998 rotax engine which are in aprilia motorcycles and and those single man planes This engine has got to be one of the best if not the best in the business and for the price of that harley you can own 2 spyders. The RT version is pretty cool if you go top of the line on that model am/fm satellite radio, cruise control, the windshield moves up and down 6"heated grips for driver and passenger iPod connection,cellphone connection,gps connection. if you get a chance go test ride one.
StrykenShane said:
Looks like Can-am just got theirs to market quicker, they're not for me but every rider I've spoken with lives them, still somewhat of a novelty but I gotta believe when the market turns around these things will develop a really solid market share
These bikes ooops i mean roadsters have been out since 2007. A lot of people who have these also have a 2 wheeler, Not that it was designed for this purpose but their is an aftermarket handbrake that you can add and if you install this item on the semi automatic it allows people with leg and foot disabilities to ride again. Their are a number of people who have brackets on them so they can attach their wheel chairs which is amazing.
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