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Roger's 2010 canam spyder pictures

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I know some of you have been wanting to see these pictures so i am going to try and do a link to photo bucket hope it works.
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Looks Great Roger! Nice pics!!
Roger said:
Bozzly said:
Thanks Roger, Glad you are able to ride two wheels again. I am thinking about getting one of these for my wife. I know she would aboslutely love it.
I know she will by the way some people are not aware that there are semi automatic and their are ones with a clutch the semi you shift with your thumb up or down very easy or it will down shift for you when you apply the brakes. also don't worry about it tipping over can't happen there are sensors that protect you. you have to be doing something really stupid to have that happen.
Hey Roger- probably no problems worring about whether kickstand is down or not! HEhehe My wife would absolutly love it if I had one of these instead of the Stryker, but she is going to have to wait another 29 years LOL. All she does is ride with me anyway. She has no wants to drive one herself. On the positive side- She would complain alot less though!!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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