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Running lean with Cobra Fi2000. What gives?

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Well, guys, I put my shiny new exhaust on earlier this week and now there's trouble. A little background:

I drilled my stock exhaust a bit at first, no issues there. Then I got the Fi2000 CVT, installed that. No issues there. The old butt-dyno even told me it did some good with the low-rpm lugging through town.

Next I got the Baron's BAK put on there. That was a bit disappointing. The holes in the cover plate weren't tapped properly - I had to tap them out myself. For what that thing costs, you'd figure... well, anyway, I thought it made throttle response a bit snappier through the whole range.

Now, for the bit where it turns bad. I finally got my V&H Twin Slash Staggered pipes. In black. I put them on without any issues. They look fantastic. They sound great. But the bike's performance has gone a bit strange. It misses at odd times. Weird flat spots. If I'm accelerating hard through the gears, it's got some serious oomph and no issues. If I'm just cruising at 60 in 5th, it misfires at random.

It got really bad this morning when I was putting around in 2nd gear, 30-40mph. It was stuttering so bad I thought it was going to keel over. Quite a jerky ride. So I got home this morning and checked the spark plugs, and they're very, very white.

Obviously, I've got a problem. The question is, what else should I check before I start making angry calls to Cobra?
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I looked at mine last night and when reviing it does not blink, If all your connections are right then it does sound like you have a bad one. Hopefully you will be good once you get your new one. Good Luck, hope it all works out well for you and your bike.
That sucks. Hope they can help you get your issue resolved quickly.
I think it is with the Vance & Hines as I have cobra intake, swepts and tuner. The bike runs like a dream.
clar2001 said:
Bozzly said:
I think it is with the Vance & Hines as I have cobra intake, swepts and tuner. The bike runs like a dream.
Does it ever pop on hard decell ?
ok, you caught me Clar, If I hammer it hard then quickly decel, I get more of a growl then a backfire or pop. I rarely really ride that way. I try to be pretty steady on the throttle, Now it does pop once in a while but hardly ever, maybe I just don't ride it hard enough to get it.
Clar it does sound like it happens more frequent with the Vance & Hines than with the cobras.
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