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Running lean with Cobra Fi2000. What gives?

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Well, guys, I put my shiny new exhaust on earlier this week and now there's trouble. A little background:

I drilled my stock exhaust a bit at first, no issues there. Then I got the Fi2000 CVT, installed that. No issues there. The old butt-dyno even told me it did some good with the low-rpm lugging through town.

Next I got the Baron's BAK put on there. That was a bit disappointing. The holes in the cover plate weren't tapped properly - I had to tap them out myself. For what that thing costs, you'd figure... well, anyway, I thought it made throttle response a bit snappier through the whole range.

Now, for the bit where it turns bad. I finally got my V&H Twin Slash Staggered pipes. In black. I put them on without any issues. They look fantastic. They sound great. But the bike's performance has gone a bit strange. It misses at odd times. Weird flat spots. If I'm accelerating hard through the gears, it's got some serious oomph and no issues. If I'm just cruising at 60 in 5th, it misfires at random.

It got really bad this morning when I was putting around in 2nd gear, 30-40mph. It was stuttering so bad I thought it was going to keel over. Quite a jerky ride. So I got home this morning and checked the spark plugs, and they're very, very white.

Obviously, I've got a problem. The question is, what else should I check before I start making angry calls to Cobra?
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I just spoke to Cobra and they want me to make sure there isn't an exhaust leak first, which I will do but this is really frustrating. I waited three months to get the darn thing and then it doesn't work like it is suppose to. :mad:
Okay, on the way home I redlined the first four gears as instructed to do by Andre at cobra. Okay, maybe he said close to redline but I wanted to be sure. From what I can tell so far is the popping on decel has been pretty much eliminated. I will confirm tomorrow on my way to work. The only remaining issue is the "missing" when cruising at 33-34mph in second gear.
Cobras sending me another motherboard. Not sure it's gonna help since it didn't fix the problem for a few others on here.
Cobra called me this morning and they want me to do an experiement. They want me to unplug the powerpro from the O2 sensor and plug the ECU back into the O2 sensor. If it doesn't fix the problem then it means the issue is in the Powerpro and they will widen the band for the sensor. I will try to get to it this evening. Hope it creates a solution.
Not directly. I'm talking with Mike who said he, Phil, and some of the other engineers are working to solve this issue. They acknowledged I was not the only one having this issue.
It didn't correct the problem. After it failed to correct the issue I went ahead and change out my stock air filter to the LA Choppers XXX. Now it does it in first gear too at about 25 mph. :(

On a positive note, the new big air system looks awesome.
Now Cobra wants me to check and make sure the gaskets are sealed on the throttlebody.
Cobras sending me a new unit. I doubt it will make a difference as it didn't for others. If it doesn't work I'll probably ask for my money back and try the power commander V w/ auto tuner.
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