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running rich???

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I have the Big Radius exhaust and a K&N filter….no tuner or anything like that. The other day my friend was riding behind me and said it smelled like my bike is running rich. I dismissed it as there were hundreds of bikes in the area and figured it wasn’t mine. It was pretty cold out this morning and as I was idling in traffic the breeze was carrying the exhaust into my face and it smelled pretty rich to me *again can’t be completely sure it was mine though*. When I sweep my finger on the inside of the exhaust tips I’m not getting any black soot buildup and the bike doesn’t smoke at all as far as I know. My fuel economy seems to be fine too. These newer injected bikes are already fairly lean from the factory so if anything the Big Radius pipes would make it leaner right? I wonder if throwing my “half airbox mod” back on would help lean it out a bit?
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bump....no body has any input on this?
Darque_Bike636 said:
I agree....the filter and pipe should lean it out. If there is no smoke or soot or backfiring, I think I'd dismiss it. A rich mixture will typically make the bike hesitate at the bottom of the RPM range also. A quick check would be to pull a plug after the engine has been running a while and check the color. If really dark or black, you're running rich.
I replaced the plugs at 8k and they looked perfect. who knows...i'll just keep an eye on it.
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