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I contacted Saddlemen on a price for one of there seats. They responded quickly but this was there response...

"Thank you for your inquiry.

We do not have any seats for the Stryker in our retail product line at this point. We likely will be developing one, but this will probably not see the public until summer, at the earliest.

In the mean time, if you might be interested in getting your stock seat re-built or modified, please forward us your preffered phone number, and we can have a customer service technician contact you for a consultation and quote.

Also, Yamaha sells excellent aftermarket seats for the Stryker as well, if you want to upgrade immediately.

We appreciate you interest.

Best wishes.

Eric Nyquist
Internet Sales & Marketing
(800) 397-7709"

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Saddleman seats are really hard, you probably do not want one for your stryker anyway. Most here seem to really like the parts unlimited seats, I have the star touring seat, which is good for me but most do not seem to like it. others have used mustang seats... the stock seat is also pretty comfy ;)
I spent almost 400$ on a saddlemen seat for my v-star 950 and was sorely dissapointed
the seat was hard and never really broke in even tho I put over 10k miles on it... it had gel built into it that absorbed heat from the sun so if you weren't careful it would actually burn you if you sat in it and were wearing thin jeans...
I learned to keep my seat covered in the summer time...
anyway, I would look just about anywhere else before ever buying a saddlemen seat for ANY bike... **** I would go to corbin or any local place that would custom build me a seat first... the extra money spent would be well worth it.
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