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San Diego Star Motorcycles focus group?

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Anyone else get an email from Star Motorcycles that there is a focus group coming up in September?
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Man u guys must have registered your rides lol.... I would love to attend this mug but didnt get an invite>>???
sdsting said:
Just wanted to know who is attending the morning session.. I’m attending and wanted to hook up and meet any of you that will be there.

BTW just wanted to add that the search function on this forum really sucks! Did a serach for “San Diego” to find this thread and came up dry. Same issue many times in the past for different threads. I have better luck searching my previous posts under the “profile” tab. Something that should be fixed on this forum, especially with the criticism that is dealt out for not doing searches on previous threads.
Yo.... I signed up for the afternoon session on the 8th i believe?? Im down to meet up and ride out??? Who else will be going in the murnin????? Ill call and have it reschd if they can???
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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