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San Diego Star Motorcycles focus group?

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Anyone else get an email from Star Motorcycles that there is a focus group coming up in September?
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K9Stryker said:
Tach would of been nice, but $385-400 for a stinking backrest. For that price I'll let my old lady try sucking the paint off the rear fender with her ass or she can fall off. lmao
HAhahA, showed your post to my wife and now she thinks I'm an asshole for laughing, but it ea worth it
I agree, my buddy and I tricked out a Shadow 750 for next to nothing and donated to a local charity for a raffle, I think we had like 5k in it including the purchase and they sold like 9500.00 worth of tickets, it really was a sweet little ride
Sounds cool, I did a similar thing with Lexus last year
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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