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San Diego Star Motorcycles focus group?

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Anyone else get an email from Star Motorcycles that there is a focus group coming up in September?
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I got the e mail too and plan on attending, but mine was for the western PA area
sdsting said:
So far their has been 1 other Star Focus Group held in PA and the speaker told me that it was completely different from the SD session because in PA they only ride 3m out of the yr.
Hey man I was at that focus group meeting on the 1st of the month It was held in the sheraton hotel in mars, pa and to tell you the truth your summary said what happened at the meeting in PA. with the only difference that we were 12 people attending and the we also talked about all the dealers in our area. That's how I found out about the yamaha pro / yamaha specialist dealer close to my house...

I've been riding for 6 months now this year and a couple of the people that were on the meeting were part of the star motorcycle club chapter in PA, and they ride all year long...
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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