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The STAR chapter that I ride with out of Lockport, IL. is trying something new with a ride this year and having a scavenger hunt. I wanted to put this out there for any Chicago area forum members that may want to come out for this event as it will be a ride open to guests, so no need to be a member of STAR or the chapter. It is still a STAR sanctioned ride so everyone will need to sign a STAR waiver and provide proof of insurance and motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license. I'm the only Stryker rider in the chapter so it would be cool to see some other Strykers out there. A lot of good folks in our group, should be a great time! Below is the event info:

Chapter 104 Lockport is having a photo scavenger hunt on Saturday September
15th kicking off at 10:00 from Richs Yamaha 143rd & Archer (just off I 355).

There are NO FEES involved, just your fuel and imagination.

How this works: Bikes will register at Richs. The names will be put into a
container and teams will be drawn. This way it will not be Chapter against
Chapter. In theory, all Chapters will be working together in small teams.
Each team must have one digital camera used for the event (bring your
camera). Photos will be taken by different people from each group, this way
all will be in the pictures. the event will have a three hour time limit
with the meeting point being the Tilted Kilt in Woodridge IL. If you are
late getting back your team will be disqualified but we would still like to
see your pictures. One judge will be the final decision. Richs Yamaha will
provide some sort of prizes for the winning team, at this time I have no
idea what it will be.

Lunch at the Kilt will be on your dime. The ride will offically end when you
submit your pictures for judging. Ride waivers will be required for this

The whole idea for this is not competition but to have some fun. BE CREATIVE
with your pictures.
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