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Here is finished Scootmod extended forward controls and my Air Horn which I mounted on the Left Side from the fan screw. I used a bracket I had laying around for the horn that worked fine.
Tank is still removed because I planned on doing the FI controller at the same time (Gman Bully) but it hasn't arrived yet. Relay switch is under the seat in the area where everyone mounts their Power Pro. My Bully should mount on or near the handle bars so I don't need that area for it.
I Tried flat black on top of horn (instead of chrome) and looks better than the flash makes it look. It is **** loud, just right!

I did ride with the re positioned forward controls before this tear down. I'm 6' with a 32"-34" inseam, and the bike fits me so much better now. I feel like I'm "In" my Stryker as it was designed to be, unlike "On it" like many motorcycles.

Scootmod brackets fit great. I did extend the brake switch about 4" to hide the wiring better along the frame. I removed the horn and fished the wires backwards toward the seat to install the relay as I mentioned.

More mod pics to come...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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