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ScootMods forward controls

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I have kept my eye out for a forward controls kit for a while now, and recently learned that ScootMods was in the process of making one. They stated that their kit would not require moving or replacing the brake line, which was a big factor in my purchase. I spoke with them over the phone and via pm's, and they were friendly and kept me up to date on their progress. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the kit was ready and is finally here. Upon opening the box I found each part meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap and packed well enough that nothing could move or get scratched up. There was also a full page of step by step instructions that were easy enough for me to follow. I laid the parts out to inspect them and snapped a few pictures of the kit. I also learned that photography is not my strong point lol.

Everything looked good and the finish was nice.

A couple more from a different angle.

Here are some before and after pictures

Notice in the after picture the master cylinder is still in its original position.

And finally an overall shot of both sides.

I am very satisfied with this kit, and am really enjoying how much more comfortable this made my ride.
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Yep, nice writeup and a very nice looking bike
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