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secondary fuel tank idea for long road trips. will it work?

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Hello everyone, i got to thinking again. :eek:

when i was in my garage looking at a aluminum 5 gall fuel cell laying around and was wondering if i were to make a mount to mount this cell over the rear seat do you guys think the fuel pump will create enough vacuum to make the fuel flow from the main gas tank to the fuel cell to the reserve tank. the fuel cell fill cap is not vented at all. the fuel return will still goto the main fuel tank and it would be reverable so the tank can be removed for non touring. i am planning a trip to virginia in about 4or5 months and would like to carry extra fuel so i can venture off course more comfortably.
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tourtank sets theres up different sence there tanks are vented. they requires a bung to be wielded into the main tank so it so it would go tourtank to main tank to reserve tank. i never like the idea of welding on painted parts and would be a permanent change to the bike.
christopher.j said:
what would be the difference if you just put a spickit on the extra tank and poured the fuel into the bike when the fuel got low?
the convineince of not having to stop and the outlet for the tank is going to be lower then the fill neck of the main tank.

i was also thinking if i vent the fuell cell i could just run a 3 way valve i could switch tanks without stopin, but if the original idea does work reliably then it would take less fittings and hose and be most covenient.
haha you guys must not have an iron butt. i just want some security of knowing i can make it to the next gas station.
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