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selling all my aftermarket parts

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I am Auctioning off my bike to help out some family members that are going through some very hard times due to some tornadoes that wiped out everything they had. So I am selling the following:
Batwing fairing -$SOLD
Lower chin scoop -$75.00
Dual touring mustang seat-$250.00 (only has about 30 miles on it)
Lownmean lowering spring $75.00 (still in the box)

I might also ask for help with shipping charges if they are too outrageous.
It has been great talking to all you guys and gals. Thanks to all that has helped with my mods!
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I don't want or need any of it, but I just want to say. WOW really nice guy to do that. Shows you have your priorities right in your life. Bless you.
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