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So does anyone here have any experience with the Shark Audio systems on their bike? You can get an entire Shark system for half the price of Kuryakan speakers so I'm concerned about quality, durability and bar clutter.

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I just installed one before my road trip last week. Here's my review

Shark 600W system


-looks great
-great connectivity (can control ipod through USB port by way of handlebar conrtols
-also has radio and 3.5mm plug in
-easy to install


-bar clutter (with the speakers on the bar and the amp and my sat radio mounted inside my Batwing it was annoying gettng at the key)
-the sound from the 3.5 mm plug is ok but USB iPod sound is better
-the system is no way a 600w system. Have to turn it way up to hear it on the highway and then the speakers get scratchy. My wife could not even hear it riding on the back. Would be good around town but not on highway.
-where i mounted the amp it was had to get at the plugs and couoldn't see the display. But I had no where else to mount it

I will use it for the rest of this season but next year I'm getting a Tsukayu fairing with stereo built in
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