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She barely got me home today.

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And its my main transportation right now. I can feel the grey hairs coming in.

Anyhow, I was cruising this morning at 65-70 and about 30 miles into my ride I felt it hesitate a couple times, a few miles apart. That was crappy enough to get me worried. Then I get on the freeway on the last stretch toward the house maybe 55 miles into the ride, get going 75-80, cruising along and it died completely for a second or two. Just enough time I glanced down and saw the check engine light flash in and clear just as the bike fired back up.

So another three or four miles going 75, went okay. Stopped at the gas station and topped up like I do every morning. Going going again, 1.6 miles to go. At the second light I stopped and it all went to ****. Engine lugging bad, idling really low when I let off the gas, check engine light flashing on and off repeatedly, the bike would not rev up when I gave it throttle. Limped the rest of the way to the house.

When I got to the house, I took my helmet and earphones off and let it idle while I looked it over. Smelled gas pretty strong but that cleared up. Hopped back on and went around the block, everything ran fine.

What in the heck just happened to my bike?
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Sure. V&H pipes, barons big air kit, cobra auto tuner.

I washed the bike last night, so I'm thinking maybe water got into something. My plan right now is to get some sleep, then this afternoon ride it around and see what happens. Maybe I'll poke around and check connections first.
I was thinking much the same thing. I wonder if those connections get wet if it would make the solenoids stay open or something?

I was going to read the plugs, but since I cruised it around the block that last time and it ran ok any fouling probably burnt off anyway. :(
I haven't manned up and tackled it yet. I got real sick for a few days and stayed in bed, then started a long haul of graveyards. Been taking the CBR to work. :-/

Definitely going to tear into it tomorrow or the next day.

On the to do list:

Check spark plug wires at the plugs and coils

Check cobra auto tuner to see if it has any obvious water damage

Check any electrical connections I can get my hands on for corrosion/loose connections

Ride the dang thing around and see what happens
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Well, I guess it's all good. I didn't really find anything wrong. Yesterday I went around town with my boy all afternoon on it with no problem, today I rode it to work. Business as usual. I guess I can assume water got somewhere it should not have and did some goofy stuff. The cobra unit looked good inside. I didn't end up taking off the tank. Spark plug connections were good...

So, lesson learned: lay off the pressure washer, even if you think you're avoiding sensitive areas.
Well, I ride in the rain a lot. If that's the cause of my bike's demise, I'll throw it in the garbage and buy a BMW.

In other news, 36mpg this last tank. It's never, ever been that low. :(
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