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She barely got me home today.

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And its my main transportation right now. I can feel the grey hairs coming in.

Anyhow, I was cruising this morning at 65-70 and about 30 miles into my ride I felt it hesitate a couple times, a few miles apart. That was crappy enough to get me worried. Then I get on the freeway on the last stretch toward the house maybe 55 miles into the ride, get going 75-80, cruising along and it died completely for a second or two. Just enough time I glanced down and saw the check engine light flash in and clear just as the bike fired back up.

So another three or four miles going 75, went okay. Stopped at the gas station and topped up like I do every morning. Going going again, 1.6 miles to go. At the second light I stopped and it all went to ****. Engine lugging bad, idling really low when I let off the gas, check engine light flashing on and off repeatedly, the bike would not rev up when I gave it throttle. Limped the rest of the way to the house.

When I got to the house, I took my helmet and earphones off and let it idle while I looked it over. Smelled gas pretty strong but that cleared up. Hopped back on and went around the block, everything ran fine.

What in the heck just happened to my bike?
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right off the bat you said flashing check engine light and smelling raw fuel i would start with looking at connections for spark as your having intermitent missfires while its dumping fuel. also coil packs these days are verry sensitive and can stop working when they get hot.
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