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How in the world do you get to shock adjusting ring? Trying to soften the ride.
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I believe you need the bike on a jack. Then use the tool you should have received when you bought the bike to turn the ring the direction you want to go. I had the tire off when I did mine. That made it very easy. It should be set in the middle from the factory, and you can't adjust it much from there either way that would make a noticiable differance on the stock spring.
JRC65 said:
Yosemite said:
look in the owners manual it shows how to do it thru the coolant resivor cover
Is that the cover with the special Torx? Can't find anything in my book.
No, the right side is the coolant. an allen key and a push button plug removes those panels.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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