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Show me your engine guards.

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I am thinking about adding engine guards to my bike. If your have them please post pic. I have the Low and Mean Chin spoiler, so if you have that and guards I would love to see them.

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Do you know if the guards are still stable or do they vibrate since the cross bar was removed.
Ok great. I think I might buy a set and see how they work on my bike. Looking for another location to be able to put my feet when riding on the xway.
SmokenJOE said:
Couldn't the chin cover be notched out? Instead of cutting a main support on guard.
Good question. I haven't seen one in person to see how far forward it is. Would be great if you only needed to put a small clearance notch on the backside of the chin spoiler.
kraaazymike said:
I forget who it was but there was another guy who had the LM chin spoiler and bought some cobra guards to try. Let me try to find that post....
Ok, thanks for the help.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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