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2011 Stryker (Raven)

* Custom paint - black base with red pearl in clear coat
* Homemade 14.5" windshield
* Chrome Cobra Swepts exhaust
* O2 mod spliced into Cobra O2 extender
* Mustang seat
* Chrome Tall rear back rest
* Heated Avon Iso grips
* Rear tail light/tag relocation & LED light added
* Chrome Rad II mirrors
* Chrome gas cap ring with homemade back plate for easy install
* Dual heat controller for heated jacket/gloves
* 3" Scootmods forward controls
* Homemade rear peg relocation bracket
* 240 Metz rear tire
* Replaced black pulley cover, turn signals,air cleaner & rear fender struts with chrome

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The original poster never even put a picture.. lol.. but I do like the idea of one good picture of our bikes in one thread, since the pictures aren't as easy to look at as old version.

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Can I play too? As it sits for now.

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