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Side bag!

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I just saw this bike set up very simular to ours. The guy had a smaller saddle bag mounted to the left side of the swingarm down about as low as a side mount plate. It look pretty **** cool! I was riding at the time so no pics, sorry :-\ Thought I'd share it, may inspire someone. Starting to look for the right size bags to try.
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That bag looks nice. I went with a smaller side tool bag (for my lunch and such). LOL
Ah, Right side up... MUCH better!
I like it.
We need close-ups of how you mounted it please.

Sorry, I wasn't here a while back.
SOooo... The bad mounts to a home made bracket that attaches only to the passenger peg mount?
Is that what I'm seeing?:confused:

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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