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Side mounted License Plate WARNING!! It could have been bad.. very bad.

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Soooo, I had my license plate mounted on the upper belt guard. It seems that the welded bracket that holds the rear bolt can't with stand the stress and will break.

Yesterday I was on my way out to work and noticed that the plate wasn't right. Grabbed a hold of it gave it a little shake (lightly)... and pop the bracket broke, just below the welded nut. I am glad that I saw before took it to work. I would have hated for it to break off, and get forced into the rear tire.

So everyone, that uses the belt guard, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BRACKETS.

I would hate to hear about someone getting hurt cause of this. I am in the process of fabbing another on and using the axel bolt. Does anyone know what size the bolt is like 19mm, 20mm, ect.. I don't have a set of calipers.

Thank in advance!
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MY said:
Where did you mount this? I just bought the same one and am debating on where to put it for safety reasons. Bolting it on the swingarm scares me due to the above story and mounting it on the axle raises concerns about it scraping on the ground while making a sharp left turn.

Mounted mine on the axle and haven't scraped it yet. Have scraped the pegs however, so I'm guessing as I come up from a turn or dip the back end comes up high enough to not scrap.

Took a ride today and really tried to see if I could scrape the plate. Sorry, but I truly believe you would have to put your bike in such a lean to do it, that you could never get it back up from the turn anyway.
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