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Side mounted License Plate WARNING!! It could have been bad.. very bad.

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Soooo, I had my license plate mounted on the upper belt guard. It seems that the welded bracket that holds the rear bolt can't with stand the stress and will break.

Yesterday I was on my way out to work and noticed that the plate wasn't right. Grabbed a hold of it gave it a little shake (lightly)... and pop the bracket broke, just below the welded nut. I am glad that I saw before took it to work. I would have hated for it to break off, and get forced into the rear tire.

So everyone, that uses the belt guard, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BRACKETS.

I would hate to hear about someone getting hurt cause of this. I am in the process of fabbing another on and using the axel bolt. Does anyone know what size the bolt is like 19mm, 20mm, ect.. I don't have a set of calipers.

Thank in advance!
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I went with a bracket that was meant for an R6. It has a very thin frame that is able to fit on the rear tire bolt. the only problem is that you have to run your own LED's, which I keep meaning to do, lol.
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