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Sidemount license plate bracket

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I did not want to hijack Straightjacket's thread but I was quietly working on a bracket with a buddy who works for a custom car R&D shop. Since this has taken three months to get to this point I did not want to set any expectations by announcing anything before I had prototype.

The goal was to make a bracket that could allow the rider to rotate the license plate from horizontal to vertical based on your local vehicle code and/or risk tolerance with getting pulled over. The first iteration (cheap) is two recessed flat head bolts that share one access to rotate on. Currently it has only been drilled for the horizontal position.

Here are a few pics of the prototype. The first challenge we have is we do not have a cost just yet and that cost would go down with quantity. Since we are talking low volume numbers (under a 1000) the cost of labor is the largest hurdle in getting the price low as we cannot automate the process and it is all hand made. Would love to hear some feedback from the community. I think it is best to start an interest list so I can get back to him on how many potential buyers so we can come up with a cost based on current demand.

Another challenge is that I have yet to mount this. I have never removed the tire or side nut so I am not sure exactly sure what to do how to go about this. I do not have a lift nor am I chummy with a local MC shop for help. I imagine a little digging in the threads will help guide me but that is where it stands right now.


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After building mine I would want to give you a little advice...

Make the mount an open slot, not a hole, No-one should have to remove their axle to mount a bracket. :D

The plate, at that height, without being angled up at about 20* is very close to the ground when mounted Horizontally.

I would not bother putting a bend at the top to hold the bracket from slipping dow like some people do, If it is slipping you have a much bigger problem than it hitting the ground BUT it will add some stability to the plate and keep it from vibrating or shaking.
What I ended up with ...

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