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Sight glass oil

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Oh man ! For the last time 馃槅. Can someone please tell me this. When I'm checking the oil level, if the sight glass looks all orange colored ( see pics ) is the oil level to the top then ?? . In other words , after emptying the oil , would the sightglass be empty looking. I know that I never add 4 whole quarts and yet today, looking in there I can't tell where the level is . Anyone???
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When the bike is standing up straight you should see the oil level between those min/ max lines on the sight glass. When the sight glass is clear it means add oil. The amber you are seeing is the oil, when it's black change it.
Thanks. Funny thing- like I said, is that I only add the minimum specs 3.59 qts of oil and yet the sightglass is full . SMH . Most people say that it's between the lines on the glass.
Your oil doesn鈥檛 get milky when you run the motor, right? If you drained all the oil out of the bike while it was warm. Changed Your oil filter And then added 3.59.(spec), yes, you鈥檙e looking to the side glass to be up to that top line marked in the glass. If you鈥檙e getting extra fluid from some magical place, that鈥檚 bad news. If you鈥檙e following me.
Yeah I hear you but I've changed oil on 12 motorcycles that I've owned over the last 11 years. I've checked oil levels. There's never been a question with any bike. And also might I add , I'm kinda a perfectionist. I've already changed the oil on my stryker FOUR times in 4000 miles. Not to go into a long explanation but when I first bought the bike in October the oil filter was on there so tight that it made me wonder. So after I changed it to mobile 1 full syn. I saw the sightglass all the way full . Half the people on the forum are saying " add 4 quarts " . Now if I'm just adding 3.59 ... then maybe the PO didn't change oil regularly and maybe there was a build-up of gunk . ( that would explain a higher volume showing) . So I redid another oil change. Then I went to yamalube because I still saw the line at the top , I redid yamalube twice to help clean out any build-up. This is not the case. There's no issues with my bike. Rund great and if the oil was milky I should have seen it after 4 oil changes. I have no idea why I have a top line reading where everyone else says it's in the middle. 馃槑
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Seems a little odd, not necessarily in a bad way though. If the bike is quiet, doesn't smoke, doesn't seep oil, and doesn't run poorly, go with what you see over what you've been told. Maybe your sightglass was machined a little lower in the housing
It ain't quiet lol 馃槅.. in a good way.. the V&H are loud . But the engine pulls hard . This bikes faster off the line than either of my 2 vrods . I'm not sure about my rocket 3 triumph cuz that bike was intimidating. Anyway the bike is a monster the way its mapped . I didn't map it . Whoever had it before me spent almost 5 grand on it in upgrades and accessories. Even has a heated corbin touring seat . ( and I paid less than 5 grand) 馃槅.. drove up to NC to pick it up sight unseen except for pictures in an ad .
The previous owner did many mods, did they lower it or do anything to change the geometry of the bike? The manual is written for a 100% stock bike. It's possible something has changed this just enough that the stated 3.59 quarts isn't accurate anymore.
Over the 4 oil changes have you tried adding 3.5 qts and seeing where the oil level sits?
After you change the oil & filter are you warming the engine up before checking the oil level?
Great question. Last oil change, I deliberately left out the last 12 ounces that would make 3.59 quarts . Fired it up and no oil light. Took it out for a spin and a quarter mile up the road the light came on . So I turned around came back and added the additional 12 ounces bringing it to 3.59 quarts and no more oil light.. Go figure 馃.. but all runs perfect so just quirky. Even tonight I went out to the garage. Warmed up the bike put the kickstand on a block to stand it upright. Waited for a few minutes and checked the sightglass. Still at the top of the sightglass. And by the way every oil change I take the old oil and measure it carefully back into the empty quart bottles that I just emptied with fresh ... it comes out perfect to the 3.6 qts ... 馃槅 馃槑
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