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sissy bar ?

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Does Cobra make a sissy bar for the stryker? Can you get a bolt on rack to fit sissy bar?
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We have one of each on our bikes, and the cobra sissy bar and luggage rack plays nicer with throw over saddle bags then the oem star sissy bar does, and costs about half as much... the chrome also holds up better on the cobra then on the oem star backrest. Toby has pretty much come to loath that backrest, but we paid over 300$ for it and it is something to hang the luggage on at least. I eventually want to get him a custom made old school sissy bar/luggage rack for his bike...
Do you know the part numbers? When I look I can't find the rack. getting old. Probably looking at it and don't see it.:confused:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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