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Slip On's?????

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OK, This is the first bike I've done much work on so someone explain about slip on's. How do they work?, what's the expected change in sound, change in power etc. How difficult are they to put on? Slip on sounds like you just push em on and the ta da, new pipes. Can't be that easy right?
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I just put on a universal slip-on muffler from Roadkrome. It was $68 on ebay, so you can't beat the price. It was a little to quiet with the original baffle in it, and it was too hollow sounding with the baffle completely removed. So what I did was make a custom baffle from some 2.5"I.D. car exhaust pipe. I just cut and bent out some slots and wrapped it in fiberglass. It sounds great and I can definitely feel an increase in power.

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