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Slip On's?????

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OK, This is the first bike I've done much work on so someone explain about slip on's. How do they work?, what's the expected change in sound, change in power etc. How difficult are they to put on? Slip on sounds like you just push em on and the ta da, new pipes. Can't be that easy right?
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Mine will be here tomorrow. I figured for 215.00 I had to give em a try.

Wanna say thanks crusier customs for the fast shipping, ordered Monday and on the bike (today) Friday. The looks department goes without saying (I can see the rear wheel now). ;D

The sound, well lets just say it dosen't sound electric anymore. Won't have the smart ass comment, is that thing running??? All jokes aside, it really has a nice deep note, with a sweet rumble...

I must say the $215.00 to the door was money very well spent... 8) Deff a good deal till I can fall in love with a full exhaust...

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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