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Smoke from exhaust

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As of yesterday I put on 250 easy miles and throughout the day my cousin behind me said when I get on the throttle it blows smoke from the exhaust pipe. Smells like un burnt fuel so I'm guessing I'm running rich but why all of a sudden now? 2400miles on the bike. I also noticed its been back firing more and more. I have a cobra slip on exhaust but have had that on since new. Any ideas anyone???
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What color is the smoke? Smoke in the exhaust can come out in three colors which can tell you what is burning in the engine.
Black=Fuel (burning rich)
Now it's not always 100% but it's close enough to narrow down the problem.
I would be checking everything that could cause the bike to be running rich i.e. air filter, spark plugs, valves. Just start with the easier and free things first and work your way up the list. Also ask yourself if there is anything that you have changed on the bike when the problem started.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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