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Smoke from exhaust

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As of yesterday I put on 250 easy miles and throughout the day my cousin behind me said when I get on the throttle it blows smoke from the exhaust pipe. Smells like un burnt fuel so I'm guessing I'm running rich but why all of a sudden now? 2400miles on the bike. I also noticed its been back firing more and more. I have a cobra slip on exhaust but have had that on since new. Any ideas anyone???
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No tuner, got fuel at 2 different places that day. Also talked to a buddy from work and last Thursday it was doing it just not as bad so I ruled out the bad fuel.
Not sure if they checked the valves or not I would have to ask.
As for the smoke color it's black when I get on the throttle but in my garage just revving it, it's more grey. I took a video but I'm not sure how to upload it from my phone on here
Thanks guys ill be working on all of it besides the valves not sure what I'm
doing there everything else no problem. I have a week before my appointment to bring it in to pay so hopefully it's something easy!

Hopefully I did that right so you can hear and kind of see what's up
Air cleaner is fine oil change was just over 1000 miles ago. Wonder if I just unplug the o2 sensor and see how she runs I have a week to figure it out before I have to pay to bring it in warranty was up a month ago??

Anyone think I shouldn't drive it?
Yup coolant and oil are fine it's defiantly fuel smelling. I'm going to try and unplug the o2 sensor. Friend of mine was running rich after he gutted his pipes he unplugged o2 and it was fine. Ordered a programmer and never had a problem again. Hopefully it's that simple I've searched and searched and no one has seemed to have the same problem at all and this slip on cobra is on a lot of bikes.
It doesn't work I tried. And also I've done everything you guys suggested. Guess it's time to bring it in... Just wish I could ride on my days off finally havin some nice weather!
Little update according to my local dealer it's the intake manifold boots have cracks in the rubber causing air to get stucked in and the sensor saying it needs more fuel... We'll see what happens when I get it back.
Yes I did. But explain please
Ran worse with o2 unplugged
So about the smoke in the exhaust... Lol I can only do what the dealer says since no one on the thread seem to getting anywhere. I appreciate the effort it's not a easy problem I'm having.
Well if the dealers didn't have banker hours I could go pick it up but since I work 12's ill be waiting.... Can't wait to see if they fixed it according to them it's fixed no more smoke
After getting the bike back......... No more smoke changing them boots fixed the problem. Of course yamaha only copped out to paying for parts not labor since I'm a month past my warranty but still better than paying it all..yamaha claims they've never had such a problem but now everyone knows..
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