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So what choices do I have to make my rear suspension Not so stiff..

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did a 100+ mile ride today with my buddies

Back was a little sore in the begining, but after riding for a bit on a crappy paved highway, hitting ruts and stuff that I could not get around, I got off my bike and could not stand straight. back was jacked up badly... After some rest and some Motrin, its a little better...I know the rear shock is adjustable (or so I have read) but wondering if I have any choices to loosen it up a bit(aftermarket shock), so it can absorb the bumps... I pretty sure my crotch rocket had a good rear suspension (but that might have also been due to if I see a bump, I could lift my ass off the seat)
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My option was to gain weight... at 300lbs I don't have a problem with the shock actually absorbing impact! :D
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