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Chrome Cobra Swepts 4-SALE

I have a Set of Chrome Cobra Swepts for Sale. I have had this exhaust on my bike for one season. They look and Sound Great. I had to remove them because my ears appear to be sensitive to louder sounds, so I ended up going back to my quiet Stock pipes I took good care of these and the chrome looks awesome, you wont be dissapointed with them. There will be no 02 extension with this set of pipes so the buyer will need to extend the 4 wires to thier existing 02 sensor or buy a replacement extension.

*SOLD* I am asking $350 + Shipping

If your interested you can give me your zip code and I can get you a shipping quote or you could use the information below and figure the shipping out for yourself with your prefered carrier.

Box Size = 27 x 7 x 52
Weight = 35 lbs

I would prefer selling these to a fellow board member so, I will leave them listed here for one week before listing them on the Auction sites

More Information
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